Reconciliation Games on the Thracian Border

The Reconciliation Games programme was inspired and developed following the Anne Frank House “Teaching About Prejudice, Discrimination and Equal Rights” Seminar in 2015 and the individual experiences of the BoMoVu team members in transforming sports and physical movement into social benefit. The primary goal of this programme is to improve the cross-border perception of children by utilizing the space of freedom that is provided by games. To this end, we used traditional children games which are important components of cultural heritage as our tools. We aim to assist children to recognize and question all of the prejudices“ that they have gained about the “other” due to the region that they live in by pushing values such as tolerance, inclusiveness, equal rights, virtue, joy, happiness, love, and respect to the forefront in order to create a peaceful environment based on social inclusion for the relations children form with their surroundings.


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